• 10 years after university graduation, 15 Kg additional weight was the shocking news! 85 Kg on my digital scale one day in the morning! That was too much for me, so I decided to fight back the digits and lose some of the extra weight I have gained for the last 10 years.

    The decision was mainly to change the lifestyle not only to lose weight, so I started going to the gym every morning, and do some aerobic activities, stop smoking and eat less. A bit frustrating to do them all at the same time and still manage to lose weight. The initial results were not that encouraging. A year after, I decided to focus on one aerobic sport “Triathlon” and get myself some professional training. And it worked well, so I decided to do the same for nutrition, and this is when I started consulting with Mira @ PrimeBites and engaged her into my daily training plans. Mira did a great job understanding my daily needs and making the right combination of food intake and sports supplements from one side and the daily calories burned in training.

    Because of the perfect nutrition plan, I never had any down period from training and never had any issues in recovery as well as strength and muscle loss.

    New things are always hard in the beginning, but after a year with a well planned training and nutrition plan, I am back to 70 Kg- and looking forward to lose 2 more Kg to regain my weight when I was 20 years old


  • Mohammed 18 years old , who lost 20 kilos and changed his life is less than 4 months , Mohammed is still continuing his journey to a healthier lifestyle and ideal weight loss.

    Mohammed family and friends were so happy for the transformation and joined Primebites themselves.

    Mohammed was following with Dietitian Dalia in Egila branch.


  • He lost with 10 kilos in one month and is very happy to continue his weight loss journey with Prime Bites.


  • Rasheed - 52 years old - didn't take no for an answer and believed that at any age he can change his lifestyle and eating habits.

    In less than one year he succeeded to lose more than 25 kg and become in a better health. He is continuing his journey to reach his target weight with Dietitian Reem in Sharq Branch.

    Marko Savic

  • Marko Savic is a personal trainer and joined prime bites for two monlth with dietitian Issra. He lost 10 kilos and transfored his body and reached his target happily.

    Marko will happily renew his membership for one year to make sure he maintains thw weight he reached.